Wine planning is next only to financial planning

How many of us have the right bottle in the right place at the right time and at the right temperature? Wines, like us, need regular health checks. The older the wine, the greater the need. Temperature control and accessibility remove uncertainties and heighten the enjoyment. Too warm and wine deteriorates; too cold and wine expands; too humid and labels disintegrate. By planning the flow of wines that you enjoy over the course of a year, you will please your guests, surprise your friends and save yourself time and money.

Creating your own cellar space

We live in a design conscious age. Nowhere is this more evident than in our homes. Why should the traditional wine cellar, whether it is deep and dank, under the stairs or in the kitchen - probably where most bottles of wine are consumed - be left out of our lifestyle? You can now have your own unique cellar space that suits your specific needs. Just as you have painstakingly chosen your kitchen layout, you can now select your own bespoke cellar.

Wine for investment

Wine prices can go down as well as up. It is very helpful to have an insider’s view and professional advice. Wine Cellar Consultants are fully independent. We are pledged to offer the most appropriate advice to our clients. This includes buying, storage and selling. 

Buying wines to lay down

Collectors either enjoy the methodical cellar book approach or the constant surprise, chaos approach. Either way the storing of good wines in your home needs to reflect your lifestyle. You can buy young wines that may either not be available later on or can be bought earlier at a discount. You may like to collect wines so you can look at them, over and over again - before you drink them. So much more practical if this can be done in a dedicated area in the house. Crucially, advice will be offered on what needs drinking and when, and what needs selling.

Different wines for different occasions

The first thing to get right is to have the bottles of wine available that you want to enjoy regularly, with or without your friends. You need to get the balance right. Champagnes, white wines, rosé wines, red wines. Wines that go with particular foods. Wines that make an occasion special. Wines that your children will drink regardless. You need to have sufficient stocks to avoid those forays to the retailer. In short, you probably need wine planning advice.

Attention to detail will reward the happy imbiber

Interactions among thousands of natural organic chemicals during maturation are directly affected by temperature. A wine at 20°c will mature twice as fast as the same wine stored at 10°c. Red wines and white wines benefit from being stored at different temperature levels. Humidity at 75% will safeguard the wine and the label. Avoid extremes, the wrong serving temperature can ruin a wine. Some wines have to wait twenty years or more before they are ‘let out’. If the wine has been well looked after, you will feel well looked after.